Sound Systems


At Work - Sound Systems


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Sound Systems

For the Anthropocene.

Programmed and mixed by At Work.

Micromoog patch in the track 'Sound Systems' programmed by Bryan Michael of Alka.

'Sound Systems', 'Externalities', and 'Energy' were originally developed for live performance at Gridwork AC's events in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

'Rebuild' was originally developed for live performance at NPX's Broketronica events in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Please support the Sunrise Movement.

The sentient should not be commodities. Please go vegan.

Format: Digital
Label: Batona Music
Cat. No.: PATH22
Release date: January 16, 2020

Design: Nice Looking Designs



01. Sound Systems
02. Energy
03. Externalities
04. Rebuild

Total Time: 00:32:16


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