Build It Up, Break It Down


At Work - Build It Up, Break It Down


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Build It Up, Break It Down

What is best in music is not to be found in the notes.
- Gustav Mahler

There is silence. And in between the silence, there is more silence. It's the sound of destruction and the feeling of what's left behind. It's the noise of creation and the peace of solitude. At Work is up to something, and if you want to know what it is, you'll listen. And if listening makes you feel somehow uneasy, than you are truly hearing. In turn, hearing allows for feeling; feeling allows for understanding. At Work wants you to go with him. He wants to disturb your peace, but he also wants to bring you home. You can fall asleep to this and have nightmares, or you could run to this through dark woods, completely unafraid. I don't know what this music is. If death is the sound of distant thunder at a picnic, At Work is the death, the thunder, and the picnic.

By Stephen Mejias for Bridges & Tunnels.

Format: CD, MP3
Label: Batona Music
Cat. No.: PATH1
Released: 02/03/05

Mastering: John Sellekaers at Metarc
Design: Nice Looking Designs
Photography: T. Charles



01. Auto-Start
02. Spider
03. Pin Bucket
04. Pour
05. Curve Pin
06. Darker Earlier
07. Panel
08. New Road
09. Rebar Cutter
10. Turn Buckles
11. Metro Commercial
12. Space Available
13. Falling Dirt
14. Plate Two
15. Sunburn
16. Off

Total Time: 01:01:58


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