2016: Work Continues

January 3, 2016


Defiantly onward amidst tragedy and financial setbacks is the only way to go.

Attention has gone to making sounds for future releases with Alka.

Also, attention is on roadways and marking the lives they claim.

As ever, At Work music is still under development for near-future release.

Sound Systems, an atmospheric and floor-friendly effort of 4 works, is set to appear next.

1000 Blended Notes is very close to completion, and will appear later.

There are other tracks completed and underway outside of these releases that may surface.

New Projects and Documentaion to see:
Early Morning, Christmas Eve
Road Poetry
From The Past To You (updated)

Thanks for looking. If you need a live act, please make contact.

If your home or office needs some old art and/or if music could enrich your life, the money would go a long way to finance future efforts and be much appreciated.


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