Build It Up, Break It Down-Remix


At Work - Build It Up, Break It Down–Remix


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Build It Up, Break It Down–Remix

Alka, Dev79, City Rain, Knife Jams, Stumble, Sub-Arkt, Clocklife and At Work have remixed At Work's Build It Up, Break It Down.

The album is an unfinishable two hours (32 tracks) of softsynth, beat and keyboard impressions of the landscape of New Jersey. Best suited for highway use, long journeys through suburban traffic, deserted construction sites and abandoned strip malls.

Best application: vehicle, headphone or dance club sound system. Do not consume under the influence of alcohol and/or recreational drugs. Do not play at work.

Included is a 46 page high-resolution booklet sure to delight computer users and boredom enthusiasts.

Format: FLAC, MP3
Label: Batona Music
Cat. No.: PATH4
Release date: October 26, 2010

Mastering: Paul "Starkey" Geissinger
Design: Nice Looking Designs
Photography: T. Charles



01. Self-Starter
02. Poor (Sub-Arkt's Sparse Mix)
03. Space Available (City Rain's Fell So Far Mix)
04. Pin 108
05. Panel (Undeveloped)
06. Plate 909
07. Rebar Cutter (High Maintenance)
08. Curb Pin (Sub-Arkt's Minimal Groove)
09. Darker Earlier (Dropping Acorns)
10. Falling Dirt (Climate Control)
11. Metro Commercial (Successful)
12. S Curve (Reward Driven)
13. Pour (No Effort)
14. New Road (Grooved Pavement)
15. Panel (Stumble's 120 Remix)
16. Off (Switch)
17. Off (Occupation)
18. Spider (8)
19. Rebar Bender (Another 32 Acres Saved)
20. S Curve Acceleration (Remixed by Knife Jams)
21. Darker Earlier (Dev79 Consultation)
22. Curb Pin (Sub-Arkt's Miximal)
23. Off (Ground)
24. Sunburn (Alka's The Future's So Bright Mix)
25. Panel (Stumble's Double Panel Reload)
26. Curve Pin (Clocklife's Algerian Greenhouse Dub 2)
27. Turn Buckles (Old Generator)
28. Pin Bucket (Dual Sines)
29. Self-Serve
30. Sunburb (Extra Beats and Keyboards Reaching Up)
31. Panel (Stumble's Dubbel Remix)
32. Off (Drive Carefully)

Total Time: 02:07:16


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